Use of alcohol

In 2014, the total consumption of alcoholic beverages amounted to 50.9 million litres of pure alcohol, being 11.2 litres per population aged 15 and over per year.

In 2014, recorded consumption of alcoholic beverages was down 3.1 per cent on the previous year. The real drop in alcohol consumption was, however, smaller. This is because the considerable stock increases at the end of 2013 in anticipation of the tax rise in 2014 were included in the 2013 statistics on alcohol consumption. 

Beer is still most popular

Nearly half of the consumpion (47,7 per cent) results largely from the consumption of medium-strength beer. Strong alcoholic beverages accounted for 21,9 per cent of recorded consumption in pure alcohol. The percentage of light wine was 19,2 per cent. Long drinks and ciders accounted for 5,5 and 4,4 percent, respectively.

Yearbook of Alcohol and Drug Statistics 2015. National institute for Health and Welfare, 2015.

South Karelia had the biggest decrease

In 2014, alcohol sales decreased in all regions on the previous year.
The biggest decreases in alcohol sales were recorded in 

  • South Karelia (- 5,8 %),
  • Uusimaa (- 4,4 %) and
  • Päijät-Häme (- 4,0 %).