Alcohol adrvertising

For several years now, efforts have been made to restrict the advertising of alcohol. It has been the goal of NGOs to introduce a law prohibiting the image advertising of alcohol.

The Act restricting the marketing of alcoholic beverages in order to protect children and young people came into force on 1st of January 2015.

According to the renewed act, the advertising of mild alcoholic beverages remains largely allowed, but alcohol advertising on TV and radio is forbidden from 7 am to 10 pm. Alcohol advertising is also forbidden at public cinema presentations, where young people under 18 years old are permitted. 

Ads still allowed at sport events

Outdoor advertising of alcoholic beverages in public places is forbidden. Exceptions to this are public events and locations permanently used for organising them. As a result, alcohol advertising is allowed, for example, at sport events.

Alcohol beverages can also be advertised on international passenger vessels and in retail and licensed establishments. In addition, prices may be seen from outside the establishment. Alcohol advertising based on marketing draws, competitions, gambling or any other contents produced or shared by consumers is forbidden.

Marketing of spirits will remain allowed for those participating in alcohol beverages sales.

Government Bill (HE 70/2013) to Parliament an amendment to Sections 33 and 40 of the Alcohol Act.

Alcohol ads reach the young

The young people’s health habit survey asked whether the young person had encountered alcohol advertising either in Finland or abroad. Of all young people aged 12–18

  • 35 percent indicated having seen advertising on TV,
  • 22 percent in magazines,
  • 7 percent in
  • 30 percent on streets, a longside roads and on billboards and
  • 18 percen on Internet.

According to the researchers, there is a clear connection between the alcohol use of young people and the alcohol advertising they see.